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Do You Need a Facecam For Twitch?

When you scroll through streamers on Twitch you will see streamers with and without a facecam. There is no question that there are a lot of people that stream without a facecam, but on the other hand, there are also streamers that use a facecam and swear by it.

Arguably the most successful, recognizable Twitch streamers use facecam. Think of huge streamers like Ninja, Myth, and Dr. Disrespect to name a few of Twitches biggest assets. But this brings up the question do you really need a facecam for a successful twitch stream? What if you’re just trying to turn your passion for video games into a full-time job and not become the biggest streamer in the world? Is facecam really necessary?

There is no set answer for this, different people will tell you different things depending on their personal experience and it also depends what kind of streamer you are. So lets break it down.

3 Types of Twitch Streamers

On Twitch, there are three main types of streamers.

Streamer number 1: The Gameplay Streamer

Gameplay streamers are strictly good at the game they play. Typically they stick to one main game. People tune in to watch them play because they are one of the best at that game. This type of streamer doesn’t really interact with their chat much, they just play the game like they usually would do off stream.

Streamer number 2: The Personality Streamer

The personality streamer is super talkative with their chat and has a great personality/vibe that people relate to. Streamers that fit into this category don’t necessarily need to be good at the game, they just need to entertain their audience with the game in the background. People will tune into their stream no matter what game they’re playing, because people are tuning in for their personality.

Streamer number 3: The Personality/Gameplay Hybrid

The third type of streamer is a mixture between the third two. I like to call this the golden streamer, if a streamer can be good at the game and have a personality that their viewers can relate to, they can have an all rounded stream. Having viewers tune in for both their gameplay and their personality on stream.

Do You Need a Facecam For Twitch

Now, why did I list 3 different types of streamers and why does this matter?

Well bringing it back to the topic, do you need a facecam for twitch?

It depends on what streamer you are, or, what streamer you’re trying to become. If you know you are better then most people at a certain game and people would tune in for your gameplay then you may be okay with not having a facecam when you go live.

However, if your trying to build a brand as a personality streamer you just hands down need a facecam. The competition is bigger then ever and you’ve got to stand out if you want some attention. Nowadays with the amount of media attention Twitch has gotten and amount of money that can be made, there are so many people streaming who want a piece of the pie.

Back 4-5 years ago when there wasn’t as many people streaming on twitch, you may have been able to get away with streaming without a facecam but now in 2019 where the quality bar is higher then ever, you no doubt need a facecam.

Pros and Cons Of a Facecam

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons to using a facecam on stream.


Showing emotions/expressions. A facecam can show your emotions and expressions way more then just hearing you speak through voice can. When playing a game there are several scenarios where you will react in a certain way. A funny moment in a game will be 10 times funnier for your viewers with your genuine reaction. It makes it more immersive and viewers will stick around longer.

Branding. As you become bigger, your face will become a brand. What i mean by that is as you grow people will recognise your face, you will become that guy. Take Ninja for example, without a facecam I would argue he would be nowhere near as big. The goofy guy with crazy blue hair is now part of the Ninja brand.

Personal connection. By putting your face out their to your audience it gives them the chance to feel more connected to you. From a viewers perspective, you need to understand that people watch becuase they can relate to certain streamers. Adding a facecam creates a personal connection with your viewers and they will feel like they are friends with you, since they will often watch you for hours on end.


Sizing/placement issues: If the facecam is not sized correctly it may take up too much of the stream, making the viewing experience suck. You need to make sure its not to big but also not too small so people can’t see you. It also needs to be placed on the screen where it doesn’t block anything important, this will change from game to game so be aware of this.

Quality Issue: A bad, low-quality webcam can come off as unproffesional and bring your overall stream quality down. If you’re webcam is blurry or laggy it may lower the average time spent watching your stream.

If you’re looking for a high-quality webcam, I recommend the Logitech c920 webcam, its a perfect 1080p webcam at a cheap price point.


Growing a twitch stream is hard enough nowadays with the amount of people already on the platform and you need to find ways that you can set yourself apart from other streamers. By adding a facecam to your stream you instantly go from looking like a beginner streamer who has only just started, to someone that knows what they’re doing and has done it for a while.

Your personality is whats going to set you apart from everyone else, by having a facecam you can show more of your personality. It makes your stream more personal and people will be able to relate to you much more.

So do you need a facecam on Twitch? Yes if your taking this seriously, trying to grow your twitch channel and turn this into a full time job.

About the Author: Bradley

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