How To Get Your First Twitch Viewers

Getting your first Twitch viewers is one of the most exciting things you will experience when streaming for the first time. The first 10 random viewers to watch your stream is a huge milestone for anyone. But just how do you get your first few Twitch viewers?

Why The First Twitch Viewers Matter

Many streamers when asked, often give the same piece of advice about growing on Twitch. The advice is usually, don’t worry about your viewer count when your first starting. While that is great to hear and following that advice may keep you streaming for fun, you’re trying to get your first Twitch viewers so you can build something bigger for yourself.

The first few viewers on your Twitch stream really matter. The way Twitch is setup favors people with more views. The most viewed streamers are at the top, and the least viewed streamers are at the bottom.

If you look at pretty much any game right now and go right to the bottom you can see there are so many streamers that are sitting on 0 viewers that will never be discovered by people browsing on Twitch. It just takes to long to scroll down. However, you put yourself at 10 viewers at you’ve got a huge advantage at being discovered organically.

How To Get Your First Twitch Viewers

So now the aim is 10 viewers, how do you get your first 10 viewers? It’s easier then you think if you apply some of these things I’m about to mention. The first tip is incredibly simple and can get you your first 5 easily.

Tell Your Friends

Tell your friends about your stream. If they already know you like gaming it’ll be no surprise to them you want to livestream. Make sure you tell them when you’re live so when they do come to your stream they’re not going to be greeted with an offline screen.

Ask them to keep your stream open and even mute it and do something else if they aren’t interested in watching. By just explaining that their view will put you higher in Twitch, your friends are more likely to keep the steam on.

Ask your online friends too! People you met over the years and have added to steam. It doesn’t hurt to send them one message letting them know your starting livestreaming, and you may even spark a new conversation with someone you don’t really speak to on your steam friends list. Just make sure you don’t spam them every time you go live.

Use Social Media

Using Social media, especially Twitter can give you an extra couple of viewers. Building a twitter account is beneficial to you as a streamer as your followers are potential viewers. The best way to build a fanbase on twitter is to follow streamers that you would consider to be similar to yourself. Interact with their tweets and follow their followers. Doing this will get you seen and gives people the chance to follow you.

Quick tip: Make sure to add your twitch stream to your pinned tweet on Twitter.

Use Facebook Groups

If you go to Facebook and search for twitch streamers or a similar keyword and filter by groups, you will see loads of potential groups you can join where posting your link is encouraged. These groups will not only get you a kickstart in views, they will also help you network with streamers that are a similar size to you, which can result in long-term business relationships.

how to get your first twitch viewers

Make Your Stream Stand Out

Once you’ve got a handful of viewers in your stream you have a shot of getting people into your stream who a browsing on Twitch. If you can hold 5-10 viewers it’s not much different from holding a couple hundred.

Here are some things you can do right now to make your stream stand out so people from the browse page will click on your stream.

#1 Have good graphics, a good overlay can make your stream go from a 4/10 to an 8/10 real quick. It will make an average stream look way more professional. You can get free templates if you stream with Streamlabs OBS so that’s something to consider.

#2Have a facecam! You will see the further you scroll down a game on Twitch there are fewer people with a facecam. If you have a facecam with a good overlay it will pop in the small preview window potential viewers will see.

#3 Try to have good audio and video quality, especially audio. I know this can be hard if you’re on a budget with limited equipment but think about it. If you’re talking over a game and your voice sounds bad quality, it’s going to bring down the whole viewing experience and you will find people won’t spend long in your streams.

The best budget mic I’ve personally used is the blue snowball. Its never let me down and for its price its a steal.


Getting viewers on Twitch is hard, there’s no doubt about that. But with a little preparation and planning, getting your first 10 viewers is easier then it seems. The snowball of viewers will happen once you get the initial viewers so keep streaming and make sure to let people know you’re live.

Once you’ve got a handful of viewers you can work on entertaining your chat and becoming a better streamer because that will help you in the long run and keep people engaged for longer.

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