How To Make Twitch Panels Without Photoshop

What are Twitch Panels?

Twitch panels or info panels as Twitch calls them are graphics that give you the opportunity to explain more about yourself.

Shown at the bottom of your stream and can be seen by everyone whos watching.  Add some style and character to your Twitch stream by adding some high-quality twitch panels to give your viewers a call to action, eg: subscribe, donate, follow your social media channels.


Why you NEED Good Twitch Panels

Twitch panels are part of the Twitch culture. You may not realize it when casually browsing streams but every big streamer has high-quality Twitch panels, along with good branding and a matching overlay.

Viewers expect to be able to scroll down and see more about you. Think of it as a resume, you are telling viewers that don’t follow you, what you’re about.

How to Make Twitch Panels without Photoshop

As we’re making Twitch panels without Photoshop we need a photoshop alternative, open Photopea, this is what we’re going to use to create the graphics.

How to make twitch panels without photoshop
Photopea photo editor

First, you need to plan what you want your twitch panels to say. Common twitch panels include donate, subscribe, about me, schedule, equipment. Pick some that apply to you and write them down.

Twitch Panel Dimensions

Find the Twitch panel dimensions you want by following this trick. Goto Twitch and look at other peoples panels. There will be a variety of different sizes.

Find one that you like. Next right click on it and click ‘save as’. Download that twitch panel to your computer, we can then use that Twitch Panel as a template.

To open it in Photopea, click ‘open from computer’ and find the file, you should then have the Twitch panel open on the screen. We can now delete the existing graphics and use it as a template Twitch panel.

how to make twitch panels without photoshop

To delete the artwork first create a new layer by clicking the second button from the right in the bottom of the program (see picture above). This will create a layer called layer 1. Then click back onto layer 0 and click delete on your keyboard. You should now see a checkered background.

Making The Background

how to make twitch panels without photoshop

First, we need a solid color on the background of the Twitch panel. To do this click on the paintbrush tool, once highlighted click on the Twitch panel. This will fill the panel with the default color red, don’t worry we will change this later.

I like to do all my editing in the layer styles menu. To open it, double-click on the background layer on the right of your screen. If you’ve been following along it should be layer 1. This will bring up the layer styles tab.

how to make twitch panels without photoshop

In the layer styles tab, there are loads of blending options that you can click on, these will bring up different sliders and settings which you can change. Just like you can in Photoshop.

We’re going to use the gradient overlay option to start with. Click on it, you should see your Twitch panel change from red to a black to white gradient. Obviously, that’s the default gradient and we want to change it. Click on the gradient option (the third one down). This will bring up a menu to change the colors of the gradient.

how to make twitch panels without photoshop

Click on the square on the left first to highlight that that’s the color you want to change, then click on the square at the bottom of the window. This will bring up a color picker box, here you can change the color to whatever you want. Do the same with the white color by clicking on the white square on the right to select it, then click back on the square at the bottom to open the color picker.

Once you’ve selected the new colors, click ok and they will be applied to your layer.

how to make twitch panels without photoshop

Once you have the layer style window open, the way you can change the layer are endless. Go through each blending option and see what you can create by changing the sliders and the settings. I have added an inner shadow to the background and am leaving it at that. Take some time to get familiar with each blending option.

Adding The Text

how to make twitch panels without photoshop

Once you’re happy with the background you need to add your text. To do this click on the ‘T’ tool in the left once highlighted you can click on the Twitch panel and type text, this will create a new text layer above layer 1.

You can then edit the font size and color with the settings in the top panel of Photopea.

how to make twitch panels without photoshop

Again, you can edit the style of the layer with the ‘layer style’ settings. To do this, just like you did with the background, double click on the text layer in the right. Here you can change all the same blending options you could on the background layer.

In this example, I have added an inner shadow and a drop shadow. Again, play around with each blending option and find something that works for you.

How To Save Your Twitch Panel

how to make twitch panels without photoshop

First, make sure you save a PSD file. This is the editable file that can be changed. If you don’t have a save of this, you won’t be able to change anything once you close the program. Then it’s as simple as clicking ‘export as’, and choosing a PNG file.

Free Twitch Panels Download

free twitch panels download

Here are some free Twitch panels you can download if you’re struggling to make your own. Included is the PSD file and PNG files you can upload to your stream. I encourage you to change something about the panels so they are different as hundreds of people are going to be downloading and using the same panels.


About the Author: Bradley