how to show twitch chat on stream

How To Show Twitch Chat on Stream

Showing your Twitch chat on stream encourages conversation in the chat room and can give your stream character. When viewers see their name on your stream, they’ll be more inclined to keep talking. Heres how to show Twitch chat on stream, for beginners.


How To Show Twitch Chat on Stream

This guide will walk you through showing your twitch chat on stream with OBS. If you aren’t using OBS yet I recommend you make the switch to it sooner or later. You can download it here.

Once you’ve got OBS setup we can add chat to your stream. The first step to do this is to go to StreamLabs and login with your Twitch account.

Stream labs is a streaming utility suite that makes advancing your stream easy.

You will be using Streamlabs to add donation popups, follow goals and more so getting to grips with how it works now will help your future self.

Once logged in, the dashboard should look something like to show twitch chat on stream

We need to look to the bottom left of the page and click on the ‘chat box’ button, you should see it under the widgets tab. This will bring up a Twitch chat editor.

how to show twitch chat on stream

These settings are yours to customize as you wish. Try and change some settings to make your chat appear different to the thousands of other streamers who won’t change any settings at all.

The main settings that will change the appearance are, the theme, the text color, font size and the hide message after time.

What Does Each Setting Mean?

how to show twitch chat on stream

  • Theme – Each theme changes how to overall chat looks on screen. Choose 1 of the 5 styles.
  • Badges – Different people in your stream will have different badges next to their name.
  • Extra Emotes – These will show emotes from Better Twitch TV and  FrankerFaceZ Emotes.
  • Background Color – Will change the background color of the chat preview, this will be void when you add it to your stream and will display a transparent background.
  • Text Color – Changes the color of the text.
  • Font Size – Changes the size of the font.
  • Hide Messages After – Messages will hide after a set amount of seconds.
  • Hide Chatters – Hides chat bots and commands so chat only shows people talking.
  • Muted Chatters – Gives you the option to enter words you don’t want showing on your stream.
  • Custom CSS – Allows you to add custom CSS to customize the chat box.

How To Add Twitch Chat To OBS

how to show twitch chat on stream

At the top of the preview Twitch chat there will be a widget URL blurred out. Click the copy button next to it. This will copy it without revealing the URL.

DO NOT show this on stream or give it to anyone.

Once you have copied it, open OBS, right click on sources, click add and add the source called browser.

Under the box where it says ‘create new’, it will say ‘browser’ you can leave it at that or change it to Twitch chat just so you know that source is your twitch chat at a later date.

When you click ok, you should see a window open that looks like this.

how to show twitch chat on stream

Next to the box that says URL, remove any existing text and paste the widget URL. Leave the width and height the same as you can change that after.

Thats it! Click ok, you should now see a red box on your stream. You can move this wherever and change the size by dragging it from the corners. To test it, go to your Twitch chat and say something, you should see your message show on the preview in OBS.

If you see your message then your good to go! Everythings working. Thats how to show twitch chat on stream with OBS. Happy streaming!

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