how to view twitch chat on one monitor

How To View Twitch Chat on One Monitor

Reading your Twitch chat is essential to creating a good streaming experience for your viewers, but what if you only have one monitor?

Luckily there are programs available that overlay the chat over your game. Heres how to view Twitch chat on one monitor.

If you’re looking to show Twitch chat on stream to your viewers, then read this article instead.



How To View Twitch Chat While Streaming

The best way to view Twitch chat while streaming would be to have an external monitor. This will make looking at your chat a simple glance to the right.

Ask around friends and family if you can use an old monitor. It doesn’t matter how old, its sole purpose will be to read chat.

Here are some budget monitors we recommend:

You can also your smartphone or tablet, just make sure you have it charging non stop as it will drain your battery with Twitch chat open all the time.

How To View Twitch Chat on One Monitor

To view twitch chat on one Monitor were going to use a program called restream. Goto and sign up for an account.

how to view twitch chat on one monitor

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be prompted to link it to a streaming service.  You obviously need to link it to your Twitch account.

how to view twitch chat on one monitor

Now you’ve linked your Twitch account to the restream web platform we can continue to the next step. Restream has a lot of features we don’t need.

The only one we’re interested in is restream chat. You can get there by clicking ‘chat’ on the main header.

how to view twitch chat on one monitor

Download and install chat 1.0. Once setup it should look something like this.

how to view twitch chat on one monitor

At first it’s a solid grey box, however, we’re going to customize this to display twitch chat that can be overlayed on your game in a nonintrusive way.

To get started click the settings cog to open restream settings.

how to view twitch account on one monitor

The first thing you need to do is connect your twitch account to the chat app. Ours is connected but click the orange connect button and link your account.

Once that’s connected we need to change the appearance of the chat app.

how to view twitch chat on one monitor

Goto the appearance tab. Here we can change a bunch of settings to make the chat box less intrusive to your game.

Check, ‘windows always on top’, this will always keep your chat above the game when your playing.  

Check, ‘enable transparency’, we will change the transparency of the window later.

‘Show in taskbar‘, and ‘show viewer counter’ aren’t necessary and are personal preference. 

Check, ‘click-through window’, this will mean you have to hold Ctrl when interacting with the program. This makes sure you don’t accidentally click it when in game. 

Now we can change the opacity and font size, here’s where you’ll have to change settings depending on what game you’re playing.

As a general rule of thumb, you want the opacity as low as you can get it without the window disappearing. Remeber, you don’t want to distract you from the game.

how to view twitch chat on one monitor

Now check your chat replays onto the restream chat app, if it does it’s all setup successfully. Open up a game to see your chat while in game.

NOTE: When in game, you need to play on fullscreen windowed. The restream chat app will disappear if you play on standard full screen.

how to view twitch chat on one monitor


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